Access Nation Reaction

I actually was a little disturbed by how easily a complete stranger could gain access to someone’s personal information, visited sites and other private information by paying a company to do the grunt work.  While I personally have nothing to hide from say… a government agency using a company like for security means, it still freaks me out knowing that my information could be out there for weirdos to see.  In the episode it was especially disturbing that a woman was killed by one of her crazy patients, so then you have to wonder… is the next person you make angry going to go home and want to use these services to get revenge or worse?!?!?!

As far as how this would impact a situation in a classroom, teachers will have to be even more careful than they are now about what they allow students to post and share online.  Even if it is a secure GoogleDoc or safe educational blog site, if students post anything personal that a stranger could potentially use against them then the school could have a lawsuit on their hands.  It’s all scary to me BUT if we learn and teach students the correct and proper way to utilize these types of tools in the school setting, no harm should come from it.  Also, students should always use ID numbers or create usernames that don’t reveal who they really are but the teacher can still track them.

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