How Technology has Changed my Life

The first thing that comes to mind is how technology has made my life easier and tedious tasks more convenient and easy to do.  I think of so many different types of technologies like emailing, instant messaging, word processing tools, text messaging, teaching on a SmartBoard, Google Earth, using the world wide web, etc.  Not only is it easier to plan lessons as a part of my daily job, but it’s easier than ever to collaborate with other professionals!  Teaching has always been a job where sharing ideas and working together is just a given.  Now instead of holding meetings face to face or copying materials (or heaven forbid, making it all by HAND) you can instantly share all of that with the click of a mouse!  Students are more engaged when I use any type of technology within a lesson too.  It’s what they know, it’s their future and I’d hate to ever hold them back or gear them in the opposite direction of where life is taking them.  I also enjoy being the “student” and allowing kids to show ME a thing or two about the newest technologies.  :o)

So, the biggest change that technology has had on my life is how convenient and easy every day tasks have become.

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