Thoughts on “Shift Happens”

I have seen that video before and it still is very interesting to see all those stats and facts.  Immediately I think of all the positives and possibilities that can come with this new era of technology and the shift taking place just in the field of education alone!  Kids who attend schools in poorer areas who don’t have many up to date resources or money to buy new materials can now have access to endless FREE resources via the internet.  They can find educational videos, articles, books, and more with simple technology whether its provided by the school or the public library.  I also think how neat it is for students to be a part of a changing world that is more and more globally connected.  Kids are making connections around the globe with kids their own age and learning much more than they normally would from a textbook.  I personally think that the classroom is a great place to utilize a lot of the technology we see coming out and if we don’t learn to embrace it I almost feel like we’re holding the kids back in a sense because for the most part it already is part of every day life for these kids when they go home.  I know there is a fear of losing that personal connection if we “cram technology down the throats of students” but I would have to disagree.  It’s all about how the teacher plans lessons and implements the TOOLS in their classroom… I’d bet that personal connections could blossom.  Bottom line is – technology is here, it’s not going anywhere, education is changing at an alarming pace and we as the teachers are the ones responsible for preparing these kids for an ever-changing world.  We need to accept it, embrace it and remember that we are learners too.

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